Abrigos de São Jorge, Açores
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Abrigo da Cascata - O Espaço

In Abrigo da Cascata you will be able to enjoy the tranquility of a rural space with all the comfort and amenities of a hotel. The space has been carefully designed to ensure harmony between the architectural simplicity of the traditional construction and the details of a modern decor.

You can choose between two houses, with a total of 5 rooms, with a shared living room and kitchen where you can enjoy a spirit of community among guests.

Can you imagine waking up in the company of the whispers of the waves of the sea and, after a reinforced breakfast, go out for an adventure without limited schedule, returning home with a beautiful sunset painting the sky and Pico Island as background.

Don’t hesitate to visit us for a few days. We are waiting for you.

Where we are

We are pleased to welcome you and prepare your reception or scheduling the activities for your stay. Get in touch with our team.

Abrigo da Cascata – Country Houses – Rural Tourism
Address: Fajã do Cavalete, 8 – 9850-210 Ribeira Seca – Calheta- São Jorge Island
GPS Coordinates: 38º34'21.1'N 27º54'50.9'W

General Information: info@abrigodacascata.com
Reservations: bookings@abrigodacascata.com

The Abrigo da Cascata is located in Fajã do Cavalete *, near the village of Calheta, in the south of the São Jorge island.

Integrated in the Natural Reserve of the Biosphere of the Fajãs de São Jorge is a privileged place to watch the most beautiful sunset of Azores.

* Fajã do Cavalete

It is an area essentially focused on the cultivation of the vineyard. Cavalete is the portuguese name for placing the barrels of wine in easel, at the boats that departed from there, in ancient times.

Address and Contacts

We are pleased to welcome you and prepare your reception or scheduling the activities for you. Get in touch with our team.

Abrigo da Cascata - Country Houses – Rural Tourism

Address: Fajã do Cavalete, 8 - 9850-210 Ribeira Seca - Calheta- São Jorge Island

GPS coordinates: 38° 34'21.1''N 27° 54'50.9''W

General information: info@abrigodacascata.com

Reservations: bookings@abrigodacascata.com


Abrigo da Cascata - O Espaço

Be surprised! The island of São Jorge proves to be ideal for numerous activities that will surely boost your emotions, your body and your soul.

The Abrigo da Cascata is located at the passage of one of the most relevant trails (PR 03 SJO), which provides a walk for about three and a half hours, along the west coast. The waterfall is a meeting point for the practice of canyoning and the sea provides fun moments of nautical activities.

Take advantage of the local culture and gastronomy. Points of interest with the possibility of guided tours that can be scheduled in advance, as well as all other touristic activities. It will be a pleasure to help you enjoy all the potential that this Island has to offer.

Take a look at some of the experiences that will make your days memorable.

Nourish the emotions

On land, discover the charming pedestrian paths, among them the PR 03 SJO * track that accompanies our shelter. Venture into horseback riding, mountain biking circuits, sport climbing, canyoning or caving. Know more about the Island with our guided tours of cultural and environmental scope, such as visits to the cheese factories and cannery.
* Trail PR 03 SJO: Fajã de São João - Lourais - Fajã dos Vimes. 9.8km long, lasting 3h30 and 'difficult' degree of difficulty.

At sea, enjoy fun activities such as Surfing, Bodyboarding, Diving, Sailing, Kayaking or Sport Fishing.

Nourish the body

Try the famous spicy cheese of the island. Taste our clams or take a risk for more unexpected flavors like sausage with yam. Lose yourself in the traditional sweets, always well combined with an aromatic coffee, produced in the nearby Fajã dos Vimes, and a cinnamon brandy, also made in the region.

Nourish the soul

Among churches, chapels, natural lagoons and waterfalls there is much to fall in love with. It will be an honor to introduce you to the traditions and the most emblematic places of our island. You will naturally leave this place with your heart and soul recharged.


Abrigo da Cascata - Sustentabilidade

The Abrigo da Cascata is located in an authentic territorial context. The Fajãs de São Jorge are distinguished by UNESCO with the denomination of Natural Reserve of the Biosphere. We assumed this commitment as the main principle of the project, regarding the environmental preservation and the development of the local community. 

Our passion for the island guarantees our effort for a continuous sustainability.

The resort activities follow these 7 guidelines for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): 

• SDG 3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

• SDG 8 - Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

• SDG 12- Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

• SDG 13 - Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

• SDG 14 - Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

• SDG 15 - Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

• SDG 17- Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

To know the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN.

Abrigo da Cascata - Lodging with MIOSOTIS Azores logo – level 5

This lodging has a Miosotis Azores logo, eligible by the departments of environment and tourism in the Azorean Regional Government, for it’s good environmental practices. 

The criteria used for this environmental evaluation are wastes, water, energy, biodiversity, local valorization, environmental management and information for users/tourists about practices implemented. 

Award’s symbol was inspired by the miosotis flower, this particular specie is endemic of the Azores islands, existing in all it’s 9 islands, it’s scientific name is Myosotis maritima and it’s common name is forget-me-not.

In this lodging, waste and electricity spent are registered, if you want to take a look at it please ask for the environmental file in the reception.

Miosotis Azores - Alojamentos Verdes


Discover the essence of one of the most peculiar islands of the triangle, in the central group of the Azores archipelago, distinguished by the magic of the fajãs - true proof of our people's resilience.

Give yourself a chance to experience one of the Atlantic's best-kept treasures.

We look forward to your visit.

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